Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program (MHNIP)
    Providing our community with better access to
    mental health services through our MHNIP and SPS programs.

Mental Health

Services provide vital links to the many programs that exist within Australia.

Outcome Health is dedicated to every patient’s journey. It focuses on improving the quality of health service delivery in order to provide better access to appropriate health services to optimise the health of the community.

Mental Health Nurse Stepped Care Program (Gippsland)

Outcome Health’s Mental Health Nurse Stepped Care Program (Gippsland) provides Credentialed Mental Health nurses for GPs, Private Psychiatrists and Headspace clinics where they engage in the provision of coordinated clinical care for people with severe and persistent, (complex and chronic) mental health disorders.

Outcome Health’s Credentialed Mental Health Nurses work collaboratively with psychiatrists and general practitioners providing services such as:
  • assisting in the development and review of Mental Health Treatment Plans
  • helping to establish a therapeutic relationship with a patient
  • reviewing a patient’s mental state and level of risk
  • liaising with a patient’s family and/or carers
  • psycho-education
  • a range of psychological therapies, such as CBT, DBT, ACT, AOD, Family Therapy, Mindfulness, EMDR
  • administrating and monitoring of a patient’s adherence to prescribed medications
  • providing patients with information about their physical health and linking back to the GP
  • providing patients with information about other support agencies and programs.