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    Contact us on 8822 8444 or admin@outcomehealth.org.au

    POLAR GP / POLAR Explorer

    Outcome Health’s POpulation Level Analysis and Reporting tool (POLAR) GP
    uses health analytics to understand and respond to population health trends,
    support quality in primary health services and provide insights into the
    local business drivers for general practice.

    Chronic disease support and strategies

    Our contracted nurse coordinated clinics are a proven,
    innovative and sustainable way to enhance chronic disease
    outcomes in general practice.


    Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program (MHNIP)
    Providing our community with better access to
    mental health services through our MHNIP and SPS programs.

    Implementing digital health solutions

    We are proud to offer digital health
    consulting services to primary health
    professionals and networks across Australia.


Outcome Health has been made aware that a job for a Data Analyst was advertised through LinkedIn, which is fake. Please note that Outcome Health is NOT recruiting for a Data Analyst position and that any communication from Outcome Health would be from our outcomehealth.org.au domain.

If you have been targeted by this employment scam, please lodge a Scam Watch incident at: www.scamwatch.gov.au This matter has been lodged with the Australian Cyber Security Commission (ACSC).

Please refer to the following article on techniques for identifying fraudulent employment scams: www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-spot-avoid-online-job-scams-biron-clark/

Welcome to Outcome Health

POLAR, Mental Health, Nurse Coordinated Care, Digital Health Consulting

Innovation for informed decision making and health connectivity


Develop actionable insights with our innovative GP, clinical and population health data analytic solutions.

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Mental Health

Our free mental health programs support the mental health and wellbeing of those who are low to moderate risk.

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Nurse Coordinated Care

Our Nurse Coordinated Care Clinic’s support general practices to improve efficiency and viability.

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Digital Health Consulting

Our Digital Health Consulting services supports eReferral and eHealth solutions as well as reporting system redesign.

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Innovation for informed decision making and health connectivity.